We do offer reshaping, restoring & stiffening services. But here are some 'at home' tips to keep your Mak looking its best!

To Our Travelling Maks

To guarantee that your hat won’t lose its form, the best way to travel with any hat is to wear it on your head. Although, there is another way, if you are feeling daring!

Here's our Mak secret:

Stuff your hat with (clean) socks and t-shirts to outline your crown so you cant change its form. You are basically creating a hat-sized nest inside your suitcase. Place your hat carefully into the nest, crown down and place a jacket or some jeans as the final layer to protect the brim.
Once you arrive, remove and enjoy!

How To Store Your hat

The best way to store your hat is crown down on a flat surface.
If you have a blank wall you would like to add some Mak flavour to, all you need is some peel-off hooks and you can display your hat collection as art on your wall!

Did you sit on your hat?

Restoring Crown

If your hat gets crushed dont worry too much, the fabric has a memory for the shape they were originally blocked in. Hold the squashed hat over steam from a tea kettle or garment steamer, and you will see the hat begin to open up. For best results, hover the crown over the steam, then recreate the pinch with your hands. The crown should pop back into its original form. Watch our "The Craft" video if you are unsure of how to crease your hat

Restoring Brim

If your brim is getting flimsy and is not perfectly flat/straight, Its an easy fix! 
Place your hat on a clean flat surface. Apply steam from an iron to the brim, close enough to open the fibers without actually touching the hat. Never iron the felt directly. The best way to do so is to place a cloth over half of the brim and iron flat then repeat this to the other side. Leave in an airy room overnight and the brim will hold its shape once dry.

How To Dry Your Hat when caught in the rain? 

Dry your hat as soon as possible to avoid shrinkage and use a towel to gently pat dry the outside of your hat. Once most of the moisture has been patted out, let your hat air-dry naturally in a cool, dry place. Do not apply heat to your hat, as this will cause it to shrink.



Fluff and lint can be removed by dabbing the hat with sticky tape.
Marks and stains can be removed with a some fine grit (400-600) sand paper.
Yes, fedoras can be sanded, all hats are sanded before the crown is shaped.

Grease and water stains can be absorbed by sprinkling cornstarch on the affected area and then brushed clean. Grease from your hands can be transfered on to your hat so treat it just how you would your favourite a white shirt!


Get in touch if you would like to book any hat care services: