1. The Art of Hatmaking Workshop 

Experience: A day in the life of a Hat-Maker

1.5 hour workshop


What you will get:

  • A one-on-one personal consultation with the hat maker herself
  • Hands-on experience interacting with our antique hat making tools
  • A sneak peak into the process of creating a hat from scratch
  • 20% off any hat purchased during experience

2. "Create Your Own Custom Hat" Workshop

Experience: Work with the Hat-Maker to make your own hat you can take home with you

3 hour workshop



For the first time Makadora is opening their doors for all hat lovers to come and work alongside our esteemed Hat-maker to create their own hats. You will not only get an opportunity to learn the creative process behind this rare art form but you will also leave with a custom hat you can cherish forever.

This 3 hr workshop will be run in 3 parts:


Part 1: TAILOR

In the first hour you will receive a customized measurement by the Hat-maker which will determine your perfect hat size! We will then allocate your hat block as well as teach you how to use each antique Hat-making tool. You will then choose the colour of felt you would like to use to create your custom hat.


Part 2: SHAPE 

During this hands-on segment, you will learn how to block your hat and create the final shape of your masterpiece. You will receive a live demonstration from the Hat-maker and she will work with you to perfect your shape.


Part 3: DESIGN

The final segment of the workshop is the most creative! You will choose the materials you want to use for your final hat design and start putting together the detailing you envision. During this process the Hat-maker will be there to help you finish your design and brainstorm creative ideas on how you can give your hat its your own unique touch!


*Each hat created on the day will receive a free of charge personalised engravement with your initials on the hat